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︎Violin Phase (copy)
︎click here to see full video

︎︎︎ In order to study her methodology, I tried to exactly duplicate Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s solo work ‘Violin Phase’ (watch the original video work here). De Keersmaeker’s choreography consists of a limitless turning and turning around her own ax, her feet creating a vortex in the sand along the way. Endlessly turning around one’s ax propells you into an alternative reality. In copying her swirling movements (the clumsy dancer that I am) I slowly gained access to a mesmerised physical and mental state of freedom.

︎︎︎ For the shooting of the video it was necessary to make a top-shot in order to see the patterns that emerge in the sand after dancing for a while. I realised that modern techniques were in my favor and asked drone-specialist Chris de Graaff to help her out: ︎https://www.skillshot.nl.
Assistant director: Meric Kessaf (@muzemer).
Costumes by Lotte de Jager.

︎︎︎ Below you can see imagery of the costume that was copied. It was originally designed by Martine André.