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︎the Dirt (2022) performed at
︎Centrale Markthal, Amsterdam during the Gerrit Rietveld Academy’s annual Fashion Show
︎Capital C, Amsterdam during Amsterdam Fashion Week

︎‘The Dirt’ is a fashion choreography that asks you to reconsider your own body as a centerpiece to the fashion system. By using the human body and movement as my primary fabric I explore ways of relieving the fashion system of its capitalist tendencies. Reconnecting to our own body can help us reconnect to other bodies again, human and terrestrial, and promote a world that lives in symbiosis. In this line of thought I would like to amend Donna Haraway’s famous statement by inviting you to ‘yearn for kin, not garments’.

bodies: Yitu Butu, Lotte de Jager, June Ohashi, Josefine Aavild Rahn, Naomi Roovers, Sammie Straub, Virginia Vivaldi, Myra Fanta Bodian, Wenzhu Song, Seon Cha

choreography: Elisa Zuppini

production: Aida Gai, Larissa de Jager

photography: Trees Heil

videography: Daan Grunwald, Charlie Smeets

video editing: Daan Grunwald

creative direction: Lotte de Jager

special gratitude to: Lady van Bag, Lydia Schouten, Ninamounah