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︎ My pxssy is a destroyer (2020).

︎︎︎ By creating a tapestry of worn panties, I want to shine light on the power of fxmale connectedness, especially in times of extremity and social polarisation. I see worn-out panties as an individual portrait of womxn, it being a reverse of society’s expectation of what our private wardrobe should look like (e.g. sensual and perfect). It is important to show the world a different narrative of what it means to be a womxn in order to heal ourselves from the patriarchy we still live in. In the process of collecting the panties,it was important for me to reach out to a plethora of demographics. I therefore dropped off 50 letters in different parts of the city asking wxmen to send me panties. To my pleasant surprise, a few of them did. ︎︎︎ By hanging the tapestry on Zuiderkerk square in the centre of Amsterdam, I attempted to juxtapose wxmen’s reality to a common audience. ︎︎︎ Special gratitude goes out to Tessel Verschoor (www.tesselverschoor.com) and numerous anonymous wxmen for donating their panties.