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︎ Breathwork (2021).

‘I remember looking for my breath
It was not so long ago
My body was aching
I was throwing my own pain around the room this time
My blue eyes slowly turning red’
︎Excerpt of ‘breath poem’ (2020)

︎ Breathing I think is the most powerful tool we can use to recover our bodies and minds from trauma. After a long period of experimenting and practicing with my own breath and traumas, I was curious to implement the concept into my practice. Strongly motivated to share my experience with others, I created a performative work using sound, movement and live breathing. This project is forever ongoing as I realise that breathing work is never done, as our beings are eternally collapsing and expanding.

︎Image courtesy by Giovanni Salice (@ozonepaper). ︎Performance in collaboration with Larissa de Jager (@2eyed99) and Tessel Verschoor (https://tesselverschoor.com).